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The Brief- Skincare Directory NG

The Skincare Directory is developed for online shopping and to bring a new experience. You can find your favorite skincare products here. Are you willing to sell your products on this website too? Contact us


It is important to start applying your skin products on fresh, clean skin. Your choice of cleansers are also important, depending on you skin type. Here, we have a variety. Find your faves.


Toners are great at balancing the pH of the skin and setting the perfect canvas to supply the other skincare products without irritations. Astringents and hydrating toners you wouldn't want to miss on. Tap on skin

Exfoliants and Serums

What is good skincare if you do not get rid of dead skin and treat skin concerns? Retinol, Vitamin C Serums, Hydrating serums and Exfoliants are made to brighten, treat skin (even acne), fight signs of aging and hydrate.

Moisturizers & Hydrate

Lock + seal moisture on the skin with fresh and amazing body butters, lotions, creams and give your skin a surge of moisture with hydrating mists. Get glowing with these.


The most import routine in skincare is the application of sunscreen. Find chemical and physical sunscreens to help protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Allow your skin to be as healthy as possible. Yes you can!


All the makeup and beauty products to redefine and enhance your beauty can be seen here. Get your face beat with the amazing collections found here. Glam Squad and subtle queens, get in here.

Green Beauty/ Organic Skincare

Are you all about 'Green Beauty' in skincare? Find plant derived products for your skin. Scrubs, butters, lotions and bath bombs. Confirm vendors are your favorite. You can also email them for enquiries


We are interested in you too, if you have anything on retail. You can retail your products on this platform at zero commission or interest. Monthly subscription is required. Contact us by clicking image